Send in the clowns!

Short clowns, tall clowns.

Fat clowns, skinny clowns.

Boy clowns and girl clowns.

Clowns who make balloon animals.

Clowns who do face painting.

Clowns who do magic shows.

Clowns who do walkabout.

Clowns who juggle.

We've got 'em all!

FUNTIME EXPRESS ENTERTAINMENT magicians get the children involved in the magic show.


Adult Parties

Not to be left out,
we have magicians
and illusionists
for the adults, too!

Prepare to be
awestruck and amazed
with quality magicians from

We specialize in
magic for the
young and the

Don't forget
Mrs. Claus and the hard-working elves
to help Santa Claus out, too!

With our talent, it's like Santa Claus just jumped off
the pages of a storybook.

And he's jolly,
but, just enough -- never
too ridiculous.

Santa Claus is comin'
to town!

 A traditional Santa who is warm, gentle and sincere.

So, contact
now to hire a caricaturist
for your next party!


Find out what you REALLY look like!

Very popular at wedding receptions,  corporate events,
trade shows, and many other
special events and parties.

Whether it's formal or casual, a talented caricaturist will fit right into your event and make it memorable!

The caricaturist will sketch a customized cartoon portrait for each of your guests.
(The actual drawing
time can be as fast as
2 to 5 minutes per person.)

Caricaturists will amaze
and astound with their ability to capture the true likeness of their subject.

A cartoon caricature
is unique; because
the caricature
is something your
guests will
be able to
take home.

Balloon makers

Watch in amazement as our friendly costumed characters make your balloon request right before your eyes.

Lions and tigers and bears ... oh my!

Lions and tigers and bears ... oh my!

Puppy dogs and kitty cats.

Flowers, swords and airplanes.

Bunny rabbits and monkeys.

Hats, hats and ... more hats!

Specializing in wholesome family entertainment.


Face painters are available

Add a little magic to your face.

Or your arm, your leg, or the back
of your hand. Some flowers on
your cheek or a puppy dog
on your arm.

Or have your full face done
in one of hundreds of characters.

Let's get this party started!

Face Painters!

Stage Shows!

Face painting is a fun addition to any kids' party.

organize the perfect party entertainer for your special event, you can rest assured it will be a mighty memorable one!

We offer services for
staff picnics
Sunday brunch
trade shows
grand openings
mall promotions
day cares
community events
sporting events
Christmas parties

For the best in entertainment, hire the professionals at FUNTIME EXPRESS ENTERTAINMENT!

They are non toxic, skin safe, and are water proof - making them ideal for outdoor events, pool parties and when you want to offer a long lasting alternative to face paint.


From private parties to corporate events, FUNTIME EXPRESS ENTERTAINMENT magicians have been entertaining and mystifying audiences for many years.

Children's Parties

We know from experience that children do not
make great spectators,
but they make
amazing participants!

Have a little sparkle
wherever you go!

Glitter tattoos are very popular.

With regular bathing, the tattoo will remain on the skin anywhere from a couple of days to more than a week.

Magic shows,

clown shows,

juggling shows,

puppet shows,

comedy magic shows,

or grand scale  illusions.

Play with a clown,
be amazed by a juggler, or mystified by a magician.

Or how about a hands on reptile display ... can you charm a snake?

When entertainers mix-and-mingle with the crowd, entertaining small groups of people for a short time with a variety of skills, and then strolling to a different small group, that is known as

Commonly known as "strolling",
or "walkabout", this is a unique form of entertainment that will help make your event an unforgettable experience for your guests,
as the entertainment takes place right in front of them.

 thought of as a focused show.

Where the audience sits around,
or stands to watch a show,
for a given period of time.

From the 'Flying Disco Drop' to 'Luke's Lobotomy', our talented jugglers will amaze you with their skills.

Using visually complex patterns and props such as balls, clubs, or rings, jugglers can also magically make jaws drop.

Some jugglers can even juggle chainsaws … but, they cost an arm and a leg.

A great thing about this type of entertainment is that no special area, such as a stage, is needed. Entertainers walk around from one group of people to another, taking the entertainment directly
to the spectators.

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