If you'd like to contact us for more information or to book an event,
give us a call at (780) 462-6488
or shoot an email to havefun@funtimeexpress.ca.
We look forward to taking the hassle out of planning your event!

There's another challenge when somebody is looking for entertainment ... Even if you find somebody,
you really have no idea if they're any good. Will they be able to do what you want?

Since 1989, we have always checked out the entertainers we book
to ensure that their skills meet our high standards.

One of the things we're most proud of is the number of clients who've dealt with us year after year,
for upwards of 27 years. We must be doing something right.

We've arranged quality entertainers for banquets, trade shows,
corporate picnics, grand openings, retail promotions, open houses,
festivals, carnivals, Sunday brunch, day cares, playschools,
schools, community events, sporting events,
Christmas parties and MUCH MORE!

Whatever your event,
we've got a live entertainer
who will make your guests laugh,
and create memories to last a lifetime.

If this is what you're saying to yourself
right now, you've come to the right place!

FUNTIME EXPRESS ENTERTAINMENT started in 1989. We realized that there were a lot of very good,
family orientated, entertainers in the greater Edmonton area, but nobody knew how to find them.

Don't forget, this was before the Internet, before Facebook, and before KIJIJI.
Advertising was expensive, and it still is.

We realized if we could book a lot of good quality entertainers, it would make the cost of advertising worthwhile.
It was also good for the entertainers. Most of them have regular jobs and don't have time to promote themselves.

Most people don't have the time to find and check out children's entertainment.
They have their own work to do. So, they come to us.

Email us at havefun@funtimeexpress.ca or call us at (780) 462-6488

Creating FUN TIMES since 1989!

Email FUNTIME EXPRESS ENTERTAINMENT at havefun@funtimeexpress.ca or call us at (780) 462-6488
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